Pinterest: Better Late Than Never?!

Oh Pinterest, you strange and beautiful time sucking black hole! How I love/hate thee!

pinterest logo

As a rule, I’ve been wary of most social media for a while now. I’m not even on Facebook. Seriously. This may seem counterintuitive for a blogger but hey, what can I say, I’m full of contradictions. Maybe you remember my first award post where I fessed up to fear of competition. I’ve always been like this, ever since the whole high school yearbook signature collecting thing. At first I’d act like I didn’t care, that I was above that sort of pedestrian nonsense, but when the yearbooks arrived I was right there at the front of the pack, chasing down anyone who looked vaguely familiar and jamming a pen in their face. True story. Sort of. I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to forget about high school, but that seems about right.

Anyway. Back to Pinterest.

I also have about zero time to do stuff like collect pins, make boards, and track down followers. (All of which I knew nothing about two weeks ago.) I have a hard enough time keeping up my with my blog. Yet, it was calling to me, beckoning saucily like some tawdry sea siren (which in case you don’t know is a mythological creature who lures sailors to an untimely death – am I being melodramatic with my metaphor? I don’t think so).

I kept my distance for a while…

Until now.

That’s right, I succumbed. I’m part of the Pinterest clique, with its hypnotic and bizarrely addictive rituals. Check me out, people, if you dare via celiackiddo. Here’s one of my latest pins, Vanilla Pear Pie with Hazelnut Crust. Yum. And so pretty.

vanilla pear pie

Gotta love the artfully arranged cinnamon sticks and sugar.

I really couldn’t have done it without the help and encouragement of my blogging friend Kristine over at Thank Heavens who gave me some crucial tips and very generous invites. Check out her awesome GF community board here.

It’s funny, for the first week or so I concentrated on making a Gluten Free Treats board and then one all about pancakes (a little weird, I know). But the last few days I’ve been browsing the “Explore” button on my iphone and it’s like a freak show out there, yet I find myself scrolling down and down until my eyes blur with endless images of make up applications, home renovations, DIY everything, lush foreign landscapes, bunnies (or any cute fuzzy animal), crafty everyone, fancy hair styles, wedding ephemera, tattoos, nail art, uncomfortably earnest quotes (at least for me cause I’m cynical that way), workout tips, fashion pics, and recipes (of course).

WOW. It’s seriously a black hole. But I’m trying to stay focused and keep to the task at hand, which is recipe collecting and pinning, and is actually kind of fun when I don’t let it overwhelm me. I love how many gorgeous gluten free desserts are out there, not to mention main meals, side dishes, smoothies, etc.

The truth is though, I’m not a food blogger and besides the pretty pictures I took of those yum-tastic chocolate coconut truffles, most of my photos don’t look like ideal “pins,” but it’s a great resource for recipes and a way to make more connections with other GF-ers.

If you have a GF board on Pinterest, let me know. I’ve drank the Kool-Aid and am now happy to follow you to the end of time. Or, rather, the end of Pinterest. If there ever is one.

22 thoughts on “Pinterest: Better Late Than Never?!

  1. I totally get your apprehension! I was wary of pinterest for a while, but it’s so addicting! I’ll definitely be following you and can’t wait to try some of your yummy looking recipes!

  2. I am noyt on pinterest, twitter nor facebook & I am loving that. Other bloggers put my food there & I get a few views per day from it so thanks to them. Blogging is already taking a lot of my free time so I don’t make that choice.

    • I totally understand, blogging is about all I can manage too. But now that I have my boards up on Pinterest, it’s less work than it was to get started, as long as I have self control… though alas it’s way too easy to get sucked in. I’m all for less is more in the social media world 🙂

  3. Oh Dana, this post is hilarious! So well-written! I can totally see myself in your sentences, I have had to wander the dark road of self-learning, suck it up and dive in for the sake of the cause 🙂 Get this; I’m now on Twitter! A medium I swore I’d never touch. Mainly because I haven’t the faintest how to use it. Behold however a reluctantly budding social media fanatic..

    I sometimes have to wonder if I’m already technologically ancient. I’m thinking my prime was somewhere around 17 when I had proudly acquired my first cellphone. I’m really trying to hang in there though ha

    I’ll get back to you on the Twitter thing. I’ve so far got two followers, but I’m tweeting away 😀

    btw your pinboards are awesome!!


    • Thanks Kristine! You were my inspiration in getting started. It really felt so ridiculously intimidating until you helped break it down.

      OMG, Twitter! That is really like the final frontier. I’d do Facebook before Twitter, ha, but I guess it’s a slippery slope, isn’t it? 🙂

      I got my first cell phone around that age, too. My parents were all about me using it to call them if there was an emergency. Which was about all I could do since no one else my age had one, ha! Such a different world now, isn’t? I see kids not much older than Bunky texting away while out with their families for dinner, which makes me a little sad and terrified.

  4. Oh Dana, I love your blog. Your writing is so witty…I enjoy sitting here laughing out loud. You know I’m on Pinterest and I have to admit that I LOVE Pinterest. It is a black hole, but a black hole of great ideas, amazing recipes and wonderful ideas (at least I’m wasting my time wisely right?). Now Twitter…that’s a hard one for me…still can’t get into it (really because I have no idea what I’m doing). Facebook is a great social connection tool, but really no one is posting crappy pictures of themselves, or posting how badly their children failed at their latest sporting competition. It’s about being as good as the Jones’….luckily I’m a Miller…and we’ve set ourselves up as being mediocre at best! 🙂

    • Oh Jenny, thank you! That is really so kind of you and makes the inner writer in me feel good 🙂

      You know, Pinterest is growing on me, but the time suckage is worrisome, not to mention I think I’m getting carpal tunnel in my right wrist from flipping through all the pins !!

      I don’t get Twitter either, maybe you just need to have more time on your hands (i.e. not have any kids) or maybe it’s just me, ha. As for Facebook, what you said above pretty much hits the nail on the head about why I don’t want any part of it. All the keeping up with the Jones’ brings out all my old yearbook sign-age fears.

      I’m enjoying your blog as well, by the way, looking forward to future posts!

  5. Hi Dana,
    I am wondering if enough of us gluten free moms are on Pinterest if we could somehow create a board with all of the recipes which we’ve tried which are actually good…I know that there is a way to create a shared board. Do you think enough of us may be interested? That way, if you or Kristine had tried a recipe which was a disaster, I would know to stay clear of it (and vice versa).

    • I’m sure they are and we could! Right now many of my pins are the “pretty” kind, or fit in my category. But I’d be totally into creating a board, or joining one, that is only for successfully tested recipes.

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