Who knew? I’m a “Beautiful Blogger” Nominee

So, during my (brief) time as a blogger, I’ve come across various “awards,” often while reading comments on other people’s sites. The more I see them, the more intrigued I become, which leads to inevitable feelings of inadequacy and me wondering, how do I get one of those?

Now look up! There’s one right there! So crazy! Thanks Angie!

But first, some backstory because that’s the way I roll.

In some ways, blogging reminds me of high school. (Important note: I was a nerd. My lovely friend Jen corrected me once, saying I was a “hot nerd,” but I definitely didn’t feel that way at 14.) Collecting followers to your blog and “likes” on your posts can start to feel uncomfortably competitive (for me, anyway, since I suffer from a total fear of competition).

It’s sort of like when the yearbooks came out at school and everyone rushed around to get the most signatures. That ALWAYS stressed me out. My first instinct was to opt out and act like I could care less, which quickly transformed into running around like a maniac for signatures.

(Do kids even have yearbooks anymore?! I’m so out of touch.)

Since I have about ZERO extra time on my hands, I’ve been rather laid back about blogging. I consider it a success if I can keep up with my twice a week posts. When I put Little Guy to sleep, I check out other blogs I like and try to post comments here and there. I don’t have time to run around and gather signatures, so to speak.

But apparently I don’t have to because I was just nominated for my first award! I’m excited in a goofy kind of way, so bear with me. After taking care of my girl for the past 4.5 years and now my Little Guy, I feel like I’ve been in a mama-bubble of sorts. I love being a stay at home mom, but it can also be a bit isolating. In my past life I was (um, am) a writer, so the idea of people (other than my husband) reading my blog and enjoying it enough to nominate me, is well, pretty cool.

Angie from Angies Grapevine nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award, which has the following rules:

1. Link back to the person who nominated you. Angie, thanks again!

2. Post the award image to your page. Did it. See above.

3. Tell 7 facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 7 bloggers and let them know about the nomination.

Alright, let’s get started. Here are my 7 facts. Hopefully they are vaguely interesting.

1. Crazy but true… I’m not on Facebook, Twitter or any social media sites. This has way more to do with my fear of competition (i.e. collecting “friends”) than me making some kind of big social statement.

2. Before I had kids, I was a self-defense instructor in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and apparently, excelled at groin shots. The company is still kicking (pun intended!) so check out the link if you’re interested in signing up for a class.

3. I love reading in a crazy obsessive sort of way and have been known to bring books into unusual places such as movie theaters and concerts.

4. One of my biggest goals, since I was a kid, is to become a published writer. Novel or short story collection, or both. The idea of seeing my book on a shelf in a store is my ultimate dream.

5. One of my biggest fears is that this will never happen.

6. My mom died five and a half years ago and I still miss her every day.

7. Sometimes when I look around online I’m blown away by all the cool blogs that make mine seem small in comparison – but, then Angie nominated me and made my day!

And the nominees are… (in no particular order)

Celiac and Allergy Adventures

My Sister’s Pantry

Suburban Girl Gone Country

Going Without Gluten

Real Food Real Deals

The Kidds

The Nerdy Farm Wife

Since each nominee is invited (no pressure!) to nominate 7 more blogs, it’s almost like a blog award chain letter. I’m into this, but please don’t ever send me a real chain letter. Those drive me nuts. Especially when the sender promises you bad karma or whatever if you don’t send it on. Meanwhile, if you do send it on, then all the people you send it to hate you. Anyway. This is NOT that. If you’ve been nominated, please know you will not receive any bad karma from me whatsoever if you simply enjoy the compliment and move on.

12 thoughts on “Who knew? I’m a “Beautiful Blogger” Nominee

  1. Grats on your award and thank you for nominating me! We have SO MUCH in common – I can relate to the whole yearbook signing feeling. I actually had someone once write in mine: “I don’t even know you and you asked me to sign your yearbook?!” Then they called me weird. Oh, and it was a cute boy. Ack! Where’s the white-out!

    I can’t seem to manage to produce more than one or two posts a week either, but that’s just the way it’s going to stay. My time is limited and my obsessiveness over rethinking every single word I write is not. I think we’re just fine posting when we can. 🙂

    I didn’t start a facebook page for ages either because I knew only my sister and husband would like it. (And only my hubby because I was going to sneak on his account and like it for him.) But it really is a great way to meet like-minded people! If you start one, I’ll like it & I know other people will!

    • Hi Jan, thanks for your sweet note! And yes, it sure sounds like we could have been friends in high school 🙂 I am absolutely sure a similar thing must have happened to me along the lines of asking a cute boy for his signature and having him be like, who the heck are you, but I have completely blocked out most of high school, ha!

      Also, I just read your lovely bio and laughed because I also loved playing Zelda and was happiest curled up inside reading a book. Your farm life sounds pretty amazing and wonderful. I’m super impressed that you get two posts a week written with your kids at home. Then again, living on a farm with 7 acres versus being in a small apartment probably helps. But still. Impressive. Not to mention all your cool homemade stuff. That rose cream sounds (and looks!) so nice.

      Maybe one of these days I’ll break the Facebook barrier, and if I do, I will be sure to let you know so I can have at least one friend right away.

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