I’m grateful that there are so many helpful and supportive resources on the web regarding celiac. Here are some that inspire me, in addition to a few of my favorite mama sites.

If you have a site or blog send it my way and I’ll check it out and possibly add it to the list! My email is:

Gluten Free

Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom … This is one of the first sites I can across in my early frantic web searchings. It’s filled with great info and recipes. She also has a weekly meal plan which is very inspiring.

Gluten Free Easily … Shirley makes it easy to be GF with her many delicious recipes, and even has an online support group to help those newly diagnosed, or those still struggling to make sense of their diagnosis.

Gluten Free Girl … This is a “classic” right? A friend without celiac turned me on to this blog because she is a big fan of the beautiful and healthy GF recipes. I like keeping up with Shauna’s lovely writing and striking photographs.

Gluten Free Gus … Created to help demystify gluten free cooking, the writer and recipe developer Pam has over 14 years of experience and puts it to good use here. I love her helpful pictorials that come with each recipe. Definitely a keeper.

Gluten Free On A Shoestring … I bought Nicole Hunn’s book (of the same name) soon after Bunky’s diagnosis and it has been a wonderful reference. I also love her blog. She is funny and edgy, and the photos of her food always makes me hungry. This is THE place for replacement foods for GF cooks of any level.

Gluten Is My Bitch … This hilarious and irreverent blog is filled with great and accessible recipes, colorful language, and a very healthy dose of attitude. It’s so refreshing to read a blog where positivity and peppiness isn’t mandatory. And the name. I mean, can it get any better? Nope.

based on a Sprue Story … is in a word, awesome. Molly takes her celiac diagnosis in stride with a side of wry. Her posts are tremendously funny and clever, but also informative and helpful. She even has celiac horoscopes! I mean, really.

The Patient Celiac … This wonderfully written blog is penned by a doctor who also HAS celiac and it’s full of really fascinating information about the disease and all its nuances. Her goal is to increase awareness about the disease and I think she’s doing it.

Life Style and Parenting blogs:

Aha! … A parenting site filled with insightful articles (about infants to teenagers) that makes me strive to be a better mom, which may actually be possible if I follow Dr. Laura Markham’s sage advice. Her stance on natural (or attachment) parenting is backed by oodles of smart and practical advice. I kind of love her!

My Year of Fabulous … I would love to meet the woman who blogs here, because she is hilarious. She writes wittily about trying to find her fashionable self (with humor and humility, this is not your typical fashion blog which is why I read it) while working as a writer, raising 4 kids, and chasing goats. Seriously, the goat posts are the best.

Strocel … Amber (last name Strocel) is an engineer turned writer who blogs about motherhood, family, the environment and pretty much whatever is on her mind. Bonus, she is, on occasion, GF and sometimes posts recipes. But mostly, I enjoy her words.

Writing Blogs:

Check out my 10+ Awesome Writing Blog post !

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