DIY Gluten Free Flour Blend

Gluten free flour

If you told me a year ago I’d be dabbling in the whole DIY gluten free flour thing I’d have laughed. In disbelief. I imagine my last year’s self saying something like, “I have enough to keep me busy thank you very much,” and perhaps throwing in an eye roll for emphasis.

But time and experience have shifted my perception. Making your own GF flour blend is not hard, but you do have to feel ready. If you’re new to GF or even if you’re not new, but perfectly comfortable buying a ready-made blend, then stop reading now. Or rather, keep reading, just ignore my flour making advice.

Last summer I wrote two posts about GF flour in a critically acclaimed series called So Many Flours, So Little Time, Parts 1 and 2. In the first I talk about all the genuine fear involved (so you know that’s where I was back then) and in the second, I give some advice and offer a bunch of helpful links including those on my GF Flour page.

But check me out now! I’m all gluten free girl-ing it up around here. Those flours below, clockwise starting with the yellowish one are: millet, sweet rice (which is a starch), teff, and sorghum. All are in my GF flour blend, except for the brown teff which I added just cause it’s pretty.

Gluten free flour 2

Please don’t think I’m nuts. I may be slightly insane due to extreme sleep deprivation, but I am genuinely excited about gluten free flour. Fine, I’m crazy.

I was inspired by a great video from Gluten Free Girl about how to make an all-purpose GF flour. She recently wrote another one about making a whole grain version.

First you need a scale to weigh the flours. Don’t be scared! I love my scale. Love it. (Though if I knew it came in red I totally would have gotten that one.) Want to know the best thing about using a scale? Less dirty dishes. No joke. Instead of using a bunch of measuring cups and spoons, you weigh everything right into one bowl. If someone had told me that little secret, I might have bought a scale sooner.

Here’s how you do it, ala GF Girl’s video: 40% gluten free whole grains, 60% white flours/starches. Pick the ones you want, weigh them, shake it all up, and voila. Done.

*For a healthier/heartier version, use 60% whole grains and 40% white flours/starches. I’ve been doing this recently and it has been a big success. Or even 70-30. Experiment!

GF flour on scale

Before I shook it up so you can see all the layers of different flours.

I followed Shauna’s directions using her suggested grains (200 grams of sorghum flour, 200 grams of millet flour, 300 grams of sweet rice flour, and 300 grams of potato starch) because that’s how I roll. I’m a direction follower, can’t help myself. Switch it up if you want to do 60% whole grain 40% starches. Easy peasy.

my gluten free flours

But you can do any combo of these grains/starches:


brown rice flour
buckwheat flour
corn flour
mesquite flour
millet flour
oat flour
quinoa flour
sorghum flour
sweet potato flour
teff flour


arrowroot flour
potato flour
potato starch
sweet rice flour
tapioca flour
white rice flour

NUT FLOURS (these would count as whole grains)

almond flour
chestnut flour
coconut flour
hazelnut flour

Here is what I love about making my own flour blend – it’s up to ME. This is also exactly what scared me at first. Um, it’s up to me? What the heck do I know? Well, nearly two years into this whole gluten free thing and I feel like I know a decent amount. Certainly not everything, that will never happen, but more than I did before. Enough to make my own blend and use it in these delicious pumpkin pancakes.

gluten free pumpkin pancakes

The other thing I love is that it’s healthier. That’s right! Take that gluten eaters. In my family’s pre-celiac days, I used to try to bake using whole wheat flour. My husband hated when I did this. He begged me to please, pretty please, with refined sugar poured on top, use the bleached white stuff. Because often when I used whole wheat it turned everything into unappetizing leaden blobs. Now, I admit I’m not the best or most experienced baker, and that better baked goods made from whole wheat gluten flour is certainly possible, but to me it’s EASIER and HEALTHIER to use gluten free flours like teff, buckwheat, millet and sorghum (to name just a few).

I like baking even more when I can feel good about the ingredients that are going into the bellies of Bunky and Little Guy. And my picky husband who hated whole wheat flour in baked goods, loves what I make with the whole grain gluten free stuff. Like these banana chocolate chip muffins. They don’t last more than two days around here. And that’s if I hide them.

Feel like you need a bit more help or encouragement? Check out this fantastic post by my friend Kristine over at Thank Heavens. She offers her own recipe blend and gives some great descriptions of GF flours.

Go forth and experiment! If I can do it, anyone can. Seriously.

I’m happy to have shared this post at the Gluten-Free Friday’s link up party hosted by Vegetarian Mamma. Click the link to find more great GF recipes!


It’s also posted on One Creative Weekend, hosted by One Creative Mommyand Simply Sugar and Gluten Free’s Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays. * Please note, that the recipes on these two link-ups will NOT all be gluten free, so be sure to read carefully.


35 thoughts on “DIY Gluten Free Flour Blend

    • Thanks so much Angie! That’s really sweet of you to share my posts with your friend. Please make sure she feels NO pressure to make her own flour blend. It was way too intimidating for me to think about it at first, but time helped it feel totally possible.

  1. Well, you officially convinced me to order a scale. I have been putting it off for over a year now and due to the fact that they had one like yours in orange I had to pounce on it! Thanks for the great DIY, I too saw the video from Gluten Free Girl and was slightly swayed to try and make my own but you totally knocked me over the edge.:)

    • I’m so glad I helped you decide to scale (versus not to scale)! It really is so great. If you’re like me, you may find yourself reaching for it when you don’t even have to, like weighing cookie dough to make sure each piece is exactly the same size. (For the record, I only did that once!) It’s hard to resist the allure of absolute precision 🙂 That video from GF girl really helped me take the plunge.

  2. I bought a scale off of Groupon last summer and it is so handy now that I have to occasionally weigh out my servings for my diet. I am using it a lot more for baking too. 🙂

    A great post! I am not sure about making my own flour just yet, but I think eventually I will get there. Of course, you make me realize one of my biggest problems as a foodie blogger is that I am so visual when it comes to cooking and baking. I have tried a number of GF recipes and tweaked them a little, but I can’t post my tweaks because I guessed on my additions!

    • That makes sense that a scale would help weigh out portions. Don’t rush into making your own blend. It’s not really necessary in this day and age of awesome GF flour blends, but it’s nice to have the option when and if you’re ever curious to try.

      It’s funny what you say about tweaking recipes but then forgetting the specifics of the tweaks 🙂 I sometimes write quick notes on random bits of paper, then end up using those as bookmarks, and then of course I lose them. I should probably just write notes on my phone instead!

  3. My scale has never worked for me. Possibly it is defective. I just wanted to add that I bought light buckwheat flour from Ployes mill in Maine and it is fantastic! They mill and pack in a separate area for those of you who notice they also have some gluten products.

    Sorry about the lengthy link. Laura

    • Maybe try a new scale someday if you’re curious, but really, measuring cups are just fine too. I was very anti-scale and weighing for a long time. The whole weighing stuff in one bowl was very enticing for me, though.

      Oooh, a light buckwheat flour sounds great! Thanks so much for the link. That’s great to know because regular buckwheat can be kind of heavy.

  4. A good scale is worth the cost. Even for those who bake with wheat flour – it works out better if weighed, rather than measured. BTW, I flip flop in our baking (gluten isn’t an issue for us), but I can say that the for whole wheat, I only use white whole wheat – it is a lighter tasting type of wheat. And yep, you guessed it – I measure my flour. It compacts too easily and you get too much flour. And one other thing – scales do wear out. I am on my 3rd scale. I wore my first one out, dropped my second one (oops).

    • I totally agree about the scale. I kind of can’t imagine living without it, now that I’ve gotten hooked 🙂

      Thanks for mentioning white whole wheat – I actually saw that listed in a recipe recently and was curious about it. Is it new? I used to mix whole wheat and regular white flour, but you know, now that I think about it, a scale would have been helpful to me in gluten baking, too.

      Thanks for the tip about worn out scales! I’ll have to keep my eye on mine. Next up is definitely a red one.

  5. Great post Dana, you make flour blending sound fun 🙂 And big thanks for sharing my post!

    Btw, I have this really cool scale/measuring cup. It’s all-in-one and even does conversions. I’ll have to put a photo up..


    • Thanks Kristine, your post was really great. It was funny, because I had taken all the pictures in early January and then I saw your post and it reminded me to write this one 🙂 I remember thinking, only Kristine could take a really beautiful picture of a jar of flour.

      Um, yes, please take a picture of that amazing contraption you speak of! I’m very curious.

  6. Haha! I’m going to ask for everything with refined sugar on top from now on. On that note, without any begging or added sugar or even a real occasion to celebrate, my amazing parents just sent me a surprise present of baking mixes and a gift card from Bob’s Red Mill.

    So I hopped online and ordered my very first ever package of xanthan gum. Eeek! Cooking scale is next and I’ll be ready to graduate from the bagged brownie & cookie mixes. Not that I’m going to use them all up immediately or anything…!

    Thanks for the post; I totally agree the teff flour is pretty. Looks like cocoa! Orrrrr…gluten-free brownie mix. New breakfast idea?

  7. I love what you said about being “ready” to dabble in GF flour mixes… because it’s so true! When I first went GFree- it was like trying to get a drink out of a fire hose. There was just TOO MUCH information to take in immediately. So I survived for a while on ready made mixes and store bought cookies and treats. It’s been over a year now, and after a few GF cooking classes and hours of time spent out in GF blogland… I am finding more and more that I enjoy “mixing” it up a little bit (pun intended- and I know how you like puns). I feel more confident in the kitchen and sometimes… I even hand out some advice (terrifying I know)!

    And just so you know- I love reading your blog for ideas- thanks for this post!

    • Hey Jess, that is pretty much the BEST metaphor I’ve ever heard about feeling overwhelmed upon diagnosis! Trying to get a drink of water out of a fire hose, indeed. I could barely put one foot in front of the other in the early days, it was enough to buy a bag of Bob’s Red Mill and make banana bread. That felt like a real triumph! And that’s one reason why I will never mock Bob’s. Bean flours might be gross in theory (and in some practices, I’m sure) but for my family that first loaf of banana bread was delicious.

      You go with cooking classes! Sounds like fun. Ha to mixing it up 🙂

      Thanks for always being such a lovely presence in this space. I really appreciate you!

  8. I need to get a scale. Its crazy sometimes the things that would actually help us that we don’t buy for ourselves! I need to order one today!
    What a GREAT start to the link up this week! We hare some awesome recipes!! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! 🙂

    Thanks for linking back to the Gluten Free Fridays post!

    Cindy from

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  10. I have just announced to the masses (my husband and girls) that I NEED a scale for Mother’s Day…can I even wait that long? I am sold after reading this post and all the comments. I too must get one, and they come in pretty colors? Why that’s right up my alley. Here goes nothing!

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