Welcome Baby


There’s a new baby in town and he lives with us! We call him Little Guy, though he is anything but little. He was born in early November and we spent the winter getting used to our new family size. Now he’s coming up to 6 months and I feel like I’m finally coming up for air. Having two kids is a whole other can of worms (I’m still having trouble with my brain, so forgive the cliche) as any parent to more than one will tell you. Or not tell you. Is there some kind of silent conspiracy among people with multiple kids where they don’t tell you how crazy hard it is until you’ve inadvertently joined the club? Later when your baby is screaming and your toddler is trying to climb you like a maniacal monkey you may begin to understand why no one tells the whole truth. The population could plummet! Well, I’m telling you now, it’s HARD, crazy hard, but it also can be crazy great, like when the big sister does silly dances and the baby cracks up; his eyes, filled with joy, follow her every movement.

Bunky is an fantastic big sister, the love she has for “her baby” is genuine and endearing, but it was a big adjustment for her to suddenly not be our one and only. But fortunately I have a boy so she will always be my one and only daughter. That’s right folks, no more babies for us! I’m absolutely serious. I have two kids and two hands to hold them. Unless I suddenly sprout another arm, that’s it for me.

In other news… in less than two weeks Bunky will be FOUR, which is crazy to me. How did four years go by so fast (and how do I now have two kids?!) That means it will soon be our year anniversary of B’s celiac diagnosis, which brings up a lot of mixed emotions. More on that in the next post, which hopefully not take another six months, ha!