Allergy Free “Watermelon” Sugar Cookies

watermelon cookies icedTime is not on my side, despite what the Rolling Stones say (yet the fact that they are still touring maybe it is for them). So when I see a recipe that looks this fun and takes minimal time and effort on my part, I get excited. That’s right. I dork out over boxed cookie mixes and food coloring, but whatever. You try not eating three of these in a row. Bunky left the lake up at the country on a gorgeous afternoon (when we had to rush home for Little Guy’s nap) just so we could bake these together. The power of sugar. It’s wrong, I know, but yet so right. Or at least helpful in a pinch.

I was inspired by Pinterest, of course. But for the first (and only?) time my version came out looking almost exactly like the originals.

Watermlon-Sugar-Cookies from A Lot On Your Plate

Pic from the original recipe: A Lot On Your Plate

I opted to use less food coloring so my watermelon icing is more pink than red, but Bunky didn’t care. In fact, we then made light purple and yellow icing, too, just for fun. Even though, as far as I know, there are no melons with a lavender interior. Too bad.

Bunky icing cookies

Here’s the “recipe” which really isn’t much of one. Just buy a box of allergy free sugar cookie mix – I used a Cherry Brook Kitchen one, but just make sure that it says Gluten Free Dreams on the box, because one time I bought their allergy free (peanut, dairy, egg and nut) yellow cake mix and assumed (stupidly) it was also GF, but it was NOT. All hell broke loose (inside my brain and heart) when I realized this crucial error AFTER letting Bunky lick the batter (which tasted SO good I should have known something was wrong). Anyway… we survived that bump in our GF road, but it still kills me to think about it. There is not much worse than glutening your OWN kid (big sigh).

Moving along, here it is, in all its simple and summer time glory:

cookie close up

Allergy Free “Watermelon” Sugar Cookies


  • 1 package of allergy free sugar cookie mix
  • 1 container of Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines vanilla icing* (I can only confirm these are GLUTEN FREE, not ALLERGY FREE as there is definitely soy in both, not to mention a butt load of chemicals, but then again this is not a health recipe)
  • green and red food coloring (always check ingredients for allergy information)
  • chocolate sprinkles (always check ingredients for allergy information)

* When in doubt, make your own icing depending on your allergy needs. Yes, it’s more work, but there’s no need to take any chances. Confectioner’s sugar and butter with do the trick, but so will a butter substitute.


  1. Preheat oven and cover a cookie sheet with a piece of parchment paper.
  2. Prepare sugar cookies according to directions on the box.
  3. Add as many drops of green food coloring as you can stomach. We used about 5, I think. Mix well.
  4. Scoop out the batter and roll into balls and place on cookie sheet. Flatten slightly.
  5. Cook for required time and then allow to cool COMPLETELY before icing.
  6. Prepare your icing by adding drops of red food coloring to a portion of the frosting. Mix well and decide how red you want your “watermelon” to be.
  7. When cookies are completely cool, generously frost them using a spoon or butter knife and then add sprinkles.
  8. Serve immediately (obviously) and store remaining in an airtight container. They will not last long.

watermelon cookies on blue table

17 thoughts on “Allergy Free “Watermelon” Sugar Cookies

  1. Very cute cookies, however when I see pink and green atm I take two steps back. Conditioned by this crazy elimination diet I’ve been put on for a little while. No food coloring. I only eat white homemade marshmallows and rice milk custard for a treat these days. Doesn’t that sound wonderful 🙂

    Speaking of colors.. I can’t take my eyes of your awesome blue table!

    • Thanks Kristine 🙂 Yes, food coloring turns lots of folks off, and I get why, but every now and then we indulge in a little chemical cocktail, ha. White homemade marshmallows sound pretty awesome!

      That blue table is mesmerizing, isn’t it? I love taking food pictures on it, you (almost) can’t mess up.

  2. Yummy!! I have a weakness for sugar cookies. They are my downfall… and there is absolutely NO such thing as eating just one. Unless it is “one” batch… Then I’m all for it.

    I love the watermelon idea!! So much so that I had to track you down on pinterest… isn’t it such a lovely way to waste time?? It’s my favorite. And I’m thinking my babies will love the idea of the watermelon sugar cookie… SO CUTE!

    And… when you get more than a few minutes in the kitchen- you should check out the soft sugar cookies on Gluten Free on a Shoestring… AM-AZING! They are currently my go to sugar cookie- but I’ve seen the Cherry Brook Kitchen boxes on the shelf at my grocery store. Their boxes are so cute it makes me want to buy them for the box… but I am incredibly leery of Gfree boxed mixes- we’ve been burned too many times. It’s always good to know a good one in a pinch! So thanks- for the unintentional product review! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Jess! Sugar cookies are GOOD. I mean, the name says it all, right? 🙂

      I will definitely check out GF shoestring’s homemade version soon (um, once school starts, ha) because I do prefer homemade over boxed mixes most of the time. However, this box is pretty decent in a pinch.

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