Yogurt Pops are the Bomb

This has nothing to do with yogurt pops, but can I talk about Eloise for a moment? The books, I mean, by the brilliant Kay Thompson and fabulous illustrator Hilary Knight. (The accolades are mine because they’re true.)


Why didn’t I ever read these as a kid? I had Eric Carl and the requisite (and awesome) Maurice Sendak picture books, and then later the Little House series, Nancy Drew, and even the Bobsey Twins, but somehow precocious Eloise escaped my bookshelves. Thank goodness I had a kid and could right that wrong pronto, zippity zap.

When Bunky was in utero, I said I wanted a baby who loved books and I got one. (Too bad I didn’t ask for a baby who slept…) I love reading the Eloise series to B and the feeling is mutual. I even attempt Eloise in Paris complete with really bad french pronunciation, because it’s that fantastic. Seriously, you should read it sometime if you haven’t. Even if you don’t have a kid, or if your kid isn’t into reading. Go on, sneak into the kid’s section of your local bookstore (who am I kidding, it’s Barnes and Noble) and pretend you’re shopping for a friend’s kid and sit down on your botto (that’s bottom in Eloise-speak) and read read read!

I just hope she likes Harry Potter…


Now, on to yogurt pops. I’m pretty sure Eloise would approve of these since they are PINK. That may be one reason why Bunky, who has been rejecting nearly all food lately, still likes these shockingly healthy suckers. I love when she asks to have one for breakfast, or even two, and I’m like, well, okay… but secretly I’m fist pumping. (Just kidding about that. I don’t fist pump, not even pretend.)

First, gather your materials. Pop makers are key. I bought these from Amazon and they’re great. The brand is Tovolo and mine are star shaped, but check out these cool rocket ones.

Best amazon purchase ever. And I've made a lot.

The only thing is, there is NO way you’re getting these pops to just slide out once frozen. You have to run them under warm water for a minute or so in order to loosen them up, and even then it takes a little muscle. Or more hot water.

Pinktastic Strawberry Banana Yogurt Pops


Basically, you’re making a smoothie and then freezing it. I don’t even have exact measurements since I usually eyeball it, but I’ve put estimates in just in case you want something to work with.


  • 1 – 1/1/2 cups of greek or plain yogurt
  • 1 cup of frozen strawberries (defrost first, 30 seconds in the microwave should do it)
  • 1 banana
  • 1-2 tablespoons of honey, or more for a sweeter pop


Plop everything in your blender (or in my case, a Cuisinart) and push ON. Whirl away and then taste for sweetness. Use a spoon, though, please. Sticking your finger in the Cuisinart in front of your kid is not a smart idea. Just saying.

My happy assistant pop maker.

Assistant pop maker Bunky at your service.

The great thing is if you make too much, you can just drink it. Bunky wants so badly to like smoothies, but she can’t stand the texture. Too thick or something. So the second after I put them in the freezer she starts asking me if they’re done yet, and this goes on about every twenty minutes or so until she forgets about them. It’s worth it though, because she loves them.

Satisfied customer.

I bet Eloise and her dog Weenie would, too.

eloise and weenie

I’m happy to have shared this post at the Gluten-Free Friday’s link up party hosted by Vegetarian MammaEat.Live.Make, and Gluten Freed R.D., and One Creative Mommy’s Gluten Free Monday link up. Click the links to find more great GF recipes.

13 thoughts on “Yogurt Pops are the Bomb

    • Thanks Kathy! I had a mini library too, it helped that I used to work in children’s publishing. I’d love to know what books you have on your must-read for your future human. I also never read Madeline as a kid, fortunately my daughter also loves those.

      When you have kids, or are pregnant, people love to talk about the negative things that come along with the huge life change of starting a family, but rarely do they mention the fact that when you’re a parent, you not only get to read all your favorite books to your kid, but also get to play with all their toys. Some days I’m not sure who loves Legos more, my daughter or my husband 🙂

  1. I love yoghurt ice lollies.. Am I childish? I actually keep a whole drawer in my freezer for ice lollies as we both can’t get enough of them. In fact, my fiancée gave me a new stack of ice lolly makers for Xmas.

    You just inspired me to go open that drawer.. 🙂

    • Thanks Kristine! I love them too, but I rarely get to eat them because my daughter gobbles them up 🙂 Maybe I need to buy more pop holders. Your fiance sounds lovely to buy you more, but then again I bet he benefits too, ha. I’d love to hear your yogurt pop ideas some day!

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  3. These sound great! I think my kids would like them. I need to get some molds to freeze them in! I, on the same hand, should have also asked for a kid who loved to sleep. The first one does, the 2nd one…not so much. Both love to read 🙂 LOL

    Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! 🙂

    Be sure to check out the winning entry this week for our Better Batter Giveaway! The winner will be announced Thursday evening!

    See you there!

    Cindy from vegetarianmamma.com

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